Energy Independence

Bring up America's energy to bring down America's debt.

Putting America First is making America energy independent.

The key to bringing back U.S. prominence in the world is through American energy. There is more natural gas within our shores than anywhere in the industrialized world – estimated to be over 200 years worth. It’s clean, it’s cheap and it’s abundant. We just need to go after it. That means opening up government-owned lands for exploration and building new refineries to bring the fuel to market.

Unfortunately, the White House is ruled by a handful of radical environmentalist outsiders, who despise all fossil fuels. These are the same individuals who stopped the Keystone Pipeline project that would have created thousands of jobs for Americans. It’s the same group that caused President Obama and the EPA to take up a war on the U.S. coal mining industry, which destroyed thousands of American jobs.

Fossil fuels expanded food production for all, helped create the automobile and aviation industries, got America through two World Wars, and propelled the Industrial Revolution. While renewable fuels are getting better and some believe are promising for the future, things like solar panels, wind turbines, and their storage units are bulky, of limited use, and not as of yet cost effective. Today’s reality is the great fossil fuel.

Balance is key in bringing America to energy prosperity. We must rid the nation of burdensome, economy-destroying regulations and embrace the traditional sources of power that have made American business thrive. We need to aggressively go after natural gas and look for ways to decrease the cost and girth of renewable energy. This will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs; significantly bring down the national debt; attract new industries to the U.S.; slash prices at the pump; harm the financing of Islamic extremism; expand exports to other nations; and produce an economic boom that allows companies who left U.S. shores to repatriate their tax revenue back to America where it belongs.

If we do all of these things – and we can – America will be energy independent, and we will no longer have to rely on places like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for our fuel needs. We will have our supply here at home. And remember, the greatest way we could keep our environment healthy and clean is by having a robust economy that can pay for it.